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Master Bliss Coach

Follow and get wisdom and inspiration from the channels here.
Enjoy thought provoking words, profound trainings or daily events.
After what your wish is.
Contact about your curiousity here Matilda


Daily Sex - Ancour
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Daily Sex


We live in these bliss producing machines. Our bodies. 
Most of us don´t use many minutes during each 24 hours to enjoy these build in possibilites. I am writing about my own journey of experiencing every day life in a state of bliss. I write about being blissed out. How my body feels.
How my experience of life enhances.
Welcome to get your own book.
Free Video Introductions.

Evolvia - ancour

Evolvia Coach Training

My formal academic education is MFA in Industrial Design which has lead to that I am the designer of internationally accredited programs with International Coach Federation, ICF. I run, Coach Training School. We train transformationally programs for becoming ICF certified coaches, for management and for users of coaching methodology. We are placed in Reykjavik, and work internationally. We train our Advanced Coach Training Programs situated partly at on old vineyard outside Bordeaux, France. 
- Book a free live online introduction and meeting with me - to look into how our Coach Training Program would fit what you are building for yourself.
Book yourself for a live meeting with us - an introduction: (english) (icelandic) (english)
www.markþjálfaná (in icelandic) (in icelandic)

MCC - ancour


Matilda Gregersdotter, MCC, Master Certified Coach with International Coach Federation, ICF. Our Coach Training Programs have trained hundreds of people in Iceland and internationally. In Iceland we are pioneering the field of coaching with birthing new words around the methodology into the icelandic language. Of ICF certified coaches in Iceland about 80% are trained in our training. We are proud to raise the knowledge of this future wiser way of interacting in between us.

ISTA - ancour
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ISTA Iceland

Matilda Gregersdotter is the organiser in Iceland of this amazing gathering. Two different weeklong learning journeys that wakes you up and have you be even closer to yourself. Meet an international crowd of participants. International School of Temples Arts, ISTA, is a global movement. See more information.
Next dates will be in Iceland - in January 28th 2024. 
Welcome to register here:
Questions: Welcome!


ISTA Norway

Matilda Gregersdotter organize the ISTA Level 1 in Norway.
In the amazing nature of norwegain woods and waters, rivers and fjords, we gather to learn and experience about how to live by heart and in a soul. International School of Temples Arts, ISTA, is a global movement.
See more information. Dates are in June 2023. Welcome!

wild love - anchor
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Wild Love Festival - Iceland  

Matilda Gregersdotter, co-organiser of the Wild Love Festival Iceland, held in next in July. Feel free to look at the amazing content of offers, a whole range of workshops. Time to try something new?

Vedic Art - ancour

Vedic Art

This amazing method was created by Curt Källman. We have translated the book about Curts Källmans spiritual awakening which was important steps into his creating of the 17 points of wisdom makes up the learning journey of Vedic Art. Here we use paint and brushes. The first Vedic Art training in Iceland was held by Matilda Gregersdotter in 2013. Now there are possibilities to attend yearly. Most often in icelandic. (icelan
dic) (worldwide info)

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